Masterplanned Developments by KEB

What is a masterplanned development?  A masterplanned development is setting long term plans to a specific location or parcel.  Things to consider are city services, environmental impact, economic impact, etc.  Plans would include topography, parking, creeks or water features, and any other physical characteristics needed to complete the owner’s vision of the project.

Sage Meadows – a Tommy Bolt signature golf course, is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and was developed by Kent Arnold in the mid-1990s after the successful development of Bobcat Trail in Florida.

Bobcat Trails – a golf course located in North Port, Florida. It was developed by KEB Inc. It was rated in Golf Digest as “a must play 4 1/2 star course.”

Lakeside Plantation – located in Northport, Florida, consists of 306 acres with a buildout of 800 homes.  The centerpiece of Lakeside Plantation is the 6,000 sq. ft. clubhouse and the many activites it offers.  Lakeside Plantation got its name from the 13 lakes it has.

Developments by Kent Arnold in Jonesboro, AR

What is a subdivision?  A subdivision is basically a piece of property surveyed and divided into lots where homes can be built and sold.  Here are some subdivisions that Kent Arnold developed in both Jonesboro, Arkansas, and North Port, Florida.

Boston Proper
Caraway Place
Cayman Place
Club Place
Country Meadow Collection
Key Place
Oak Meadow Collection
Stadium Place
Bobcat Village Center
Lakeside Plantation